Bloody Skullz Clan






-3AL has a youtube account.... Click here 

-BSC 1st Generation [September 27th 2010 -  September 1st 2011]

-BSC 2nd Generation REBORN!!! [May 11th 2013] 

This was the shit haha. Miss you guys - 3AL  (12/30/2014)


Clan Admin Ranks

Founder or Leader





1. Only war leaders can accept or declare war. No matter what.

2. No hacking, cheating, or glitching of any kind.

3. Please be respectful to others, you can joke around, but don't be disrespectful.   

4. Only elites, leaders, and founders can recruit people.   

5. No asking for leader or elite.  We will give it to you when we feel you deserve it. Asking could result in kick or short term ban.  

6. Do not abuse elite and leader powers, this probably will lead to you being demoted.

7. We no longer accept ANY wars in a European Server. Any wars in a foreign server will not be counted.

8. If you quit clan or get kicked out for not being active, there is never a gurantee that you will get your original admin rank if you join back in. You will probably restart to member.                      

If you want to have any songs added to the music playlist talk to Legend or 3AL. One of us will add the song you want.


*Playlist Players used to be cool but are bullshit now.


If you are interested in joining the pro clan, BSC, please contact an elite (mod) or leader (owner).


Clan Spinner

Here is our clan spinner. The colors are GREY on the outside and RED on the inside. Try to use this spinner whenever we are in wars or when we interact with eachother.

War Leaders

  • 3AL
  • Legend
  • Zack
  • TJGuitarMan

Clan Warz

31 - 1

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-If you rank up in Stick Arena please let a founder know.

-This clan usually only does 1v1 wars. Rarely ever 2v2.

-We do not have allies with other clans. 3AL and Legend think that if they wanna be good friends, join our clan.

-Try to be as active on the site as possible. If not, you may be kicked.

- If somebody comes on the website keep them as guest. Members and up are only for people that are in BSC.

- All GFX on this website belongs to BSC and was made by 3AL or somebody in association with BSC. Please do not steal GFX.



Main Server